A Brief History of Our Films

"INK", a full-length feature film, was created in answer to a strong need. Realizing that there was a tremendous lack of Jewish entertainment, particularly in out of town communities, Ronit set out to create the first “frum film”- by Orthodox women, for Orthodox women. “INK” marked a true turning point in Orthodox entertainment. Never before had frum women had a film that they could watch, adhering to their standards. And they came out in droves to see it. "Ink" not only provided much-needed suitable entertainment, but it also allowed for the creative expression of Orthodox actresses and singers who would otherwise have no outlet for their talents. And immediately the requests came pouring in not only to rent "Ink," but to produce another film. In order to maximize the good that came out of this special project, Ronit donated all of "Ink's" proceeds during its first year's showings to Chai Lifeline, the wonderful tzedaka (charity) that helps children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. Her second film, "Diamonds in the Dust", produced in conjunction with the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, opened in 70 cities in the first week and ushered in a new era in professional Orthodox entertainment. Together these films have enriched the lives of tens of thousands of women and girls around the world, and they continue to be rented to this day.


INK’s story has kept thousands of viewers on the edge of their seats from Detroit to Denver, Antwerp to London, and it continues to be rented constantly. INK is the story of a young Jewish girl, living in disguise in the home of a Nazi, and the ink she uses to turn darkness into light and save her people.
With her life constantly on the line, the stakes get higher when Partisans convince her to steal the Nazi’s official stamp, his ink, and stamp exit visas to help get Jews out of the country. Malya agrees and the plot becomes even more of a nailbiter now that she is not only living a lie in the Nazi’s home, but is actively working for the Resistance in her precarious situation. Will she survive? Will she herself ever escape and come to safety? It all hinges on a bottle of INK.
Modeled on the story of Esther, INK portrays a strong Jewish heroine who realizes that one can rise above one’s circumstances, and in the fact rise to greatness, because everyone is put where they are for a reason, and sometimes the greatest accomplishments can arise from the bleakest of times.

videoDiamonds in the Dust

Diamonds in the Dust was a powerful and inspiring film that left audiences worldwide spellbound and moved. The films seamlessly weaves past and present, as an ancient discovery launches viewers into a tale from our past. Primarily set in 70 AD, it chronicles the strife and struggles of a family during that time, when a brother and sister shared very different ideological views. This film was based on Ronit's popular script, "Hate Not Thy Brother," and is particularly popular duing the Nine Days, when it superbly manages to bring the critical time period of the Churban to life..